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Fordy 10-01-03 11:16 PM

The XW
Well i've finally got my ass into gear and recommenced work on the XW. As many of you know it's been painted and is awaiting pretty much everything to be put back.

Basically i've started this thread to get some of your thoughts and opinions on many of the things im going to do in the future.

To start it off i have decided to paint the block of the engine white....yes white.

Why white you ask? Well im trying to stick with a theme and since the interior(including boot) is going to be white i thought id give it a go on the engine. Plus the mechanic painted it blue even after i told him i wanted to paint it the same colour as the car so a white or light colour needed to be used anyway.

I've taken a few pics, but these photos dont really do it any justice and its still missing its polished Ford Racing rocker covers and plenty of polished bits and pieces which will be mounted on the front.

So what do you think?

galaxy xr8 10-02-03 03:47 AM

Re: The XW
Thing's look to be coming along nicely Fordy,but I'm not sure about the white Block,maybe it will look different with the chrome on it,bit I think I'd prefer the same colour as the car but that's just me, cheer's.

XA_GT_351 10-02-03 04:52 AM

Re: The XW
Wow a white engine!.. I reccon it looks fantastic fordy, keep up the good work.

AndrewsXR8 10-02-03 04:54 AM

Re: The XW
Hope it doesn't get an oil leak, would show up pretty bad on the white.

302xm 10-02-03 09:40 AM

Re: The XW
Never seen a white engine before but chrome and white does look good so give us some pics with the polished stuff .
better make sure you seal it up good otherwise an oil leak will make a mess .One question though how are you connecting the motor to the radiator with the outlets you've got on the heads fordy

Fordy 10-02-03 09:33 PM

Re: The XW

Originally Posted by 302xm
One question though how are you connecting the motor to the radiator with the outlets you've got on the heads fordy

Thats a very good question 302xm, and i've been thinking about it for a while but i'll most probably run 2 seperate hose straight across to 2 seperate outlets on the radiator, i've seen this done before on another xw.

But like i said before any other thoughts and ideas are welcome.

302xm 10-02-03 10:27 PM

Re: The XW
how about somthing like this see below the blue breather you could fabricate one and include a thermostate
Hows that my first ever image

XW PHIL 10-04-03 04:45 AM

Re: The XW
Fordy, I'm not sure about the white engine but anybody willing to take a chance and try something new, then I hope it works out how you want it. At least you'll be able to see any oil leaks. Hope your using good rocker cover gaskets so you don't have that annoying oil seepage. Can't wait to see the pics. I need the inspiration again for my XW.

I'm still trying to do the front end and trying to sort out the upper stabiliser arms but can't seem to get an answer in relation to putting XC ones in. Something about a better ball joint setup?

EBXR 10-04-03 04:51 AM

Re: The XW
I think the white motor will be a standout, and as a theme, will carry through the rest of the car nicely!

BADXR8UTE 10-04-03 04:48 PM

Re: The XW
On ya Fordy.

Should look great.

Keep at it mate.

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