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Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

AArgh. Can anyone help me. I have a Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Auto, about 2 years old that has just started playing up.
It has started to just cutting out for no apparent reason. I can be going along at 30, stationary whatever and the engine just stops. I then get a flashing Glow plug light. I then cant start the engine at all for sometimes as long as half an hour.
I have tried both keys without joy. Does any one know what it means when the glow light flashes.
I found something similar on another thread for a ford focus
In my case the engine does crank but it sounds different. doesn't fire at all.
Any ideas ?

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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

Alun, did you resolve the problem...? Mine is a manual gearbox model and has just started cutting out, sometimes it restarts immediately, unless I am at an embarrasing part of the road! It can cut out under acceleration, deceleration, uphill, downhill... Nothing consistant. Help!
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

I think the problem could be the pump that pumps the fuel from the tank to the motor.
When the motor is not recieving anough fuel it starts to diesel when you try to maintain a fixed rpm with no load. So just try to maitain for example 2500 rpm and if it is impossible because the rpm climps and then rapidly falls back. Then that is a sign of lack of fuel to the motor.
This can be a number of things, dirty filter, dameged fuel lines or like in my case a worn collector of the inline fuel pump near the tank.

I hope this helps. (my car is for the second time showing these signs, and looking now for a more permanent solution)
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

Hi guys,

Have any of you got this sorted as I have since last weekend been experiencing the same problems.

I rang Ford and they said it may be the CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR but I have been investigating on the internet and have noticed there's also a camshaft position sensor aswell.

Which is it and can I fit it myself?

Diagnostics by Ford is gonna cost me £55+vat - i'm thinking NAH!!

extracted from a website...

Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP)

The CMP scans a reference cam on the camshaft. The CMP sends an alternating voltage signal to the PCM. This indicates the firing position of No1 cylinder. This is only used when starting starting. after that the (PIP) signal takes over to control the injectors.
Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)

The CKP sensor is also an inductive pulse generator, like the CMP which scans 36 minus 1 cast protrusions on the flywheel. Minus one means that one of the protrusions is missing. This missing protrusion is located at 90º before top dead center and is used by the powertrain control module as a reference mark for the crankshaft position. The crankshaft position sensor sends an alternating voltage signal to the powertrain control module, which is used to determine engine speed and ignition timing.
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

£55 + vat for diagnostics aint expensive, if you want to find out whats causing the problem. Most in UK will charge 1 hour which on average is £85.
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

Hi Alun, Just wondered if you got to the bottom of your Mondeo TDCi cutting out and putting the glow plug light on ? i have one doing the same thing and could do with some help .
dave Howes
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

I have got a mondeo 1993 manual and the same problem happend to me. It's probably the fuel pump try that.
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Question Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

I have had the same problems with my 2006 build Mondeo 2,0 TDCI, the first time after one year and 60.000km.

My exact problems:
-no current gas flow (either faster or slower)
-flashing glow-plug light (not listed in manual, but flashing means emergency-run without turbo)
-at one time the car stopped at any reason and was not able to start again

Ford was not able to find the error in the system, so I had to wait three months for the repaired car.

An extremly small leak at the exhaust pressure emition indication sensor!
This sensor is located (standing in front of your car) at the front-left-above side of the engine. A pipe from the exhaust manifold coming from behind the engine, is connected to it.
A thin sealingplate between this pressure pipe and the sensor was done!
If the system measures the wrong pressure, the program will adjust some parameters, so the engine could stop without starting agin.
The same sealingplate is located at the other end of the pipe, so check also.
The system error log memory does not report this error.

Photo of the sensor:
JoJoThumb - AW281494

If your car doesn't start, just unplug the sensor (turbo will not work).
Do it not to often, I crashed my turbo using this method.
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Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems


I've got exactly the same problem with a 2004 Focus 115 TDCi. 55K miles on the clock, ffsh. The problem first started the day after I got it back from a service.

- So, you're driving along, the glow plug light comes on, the rev needle swings up and down for a second and the engine cuts out.

- Very dangerous if on the motorway or a roundabout

- Ford have had the car on 3 occasions but can't find a fault

- Initially, they did change the cam sensor and charged me over £100 for the privilege. It made no difference

- When a diags computer is plugged in, the computer does not show a fault

- A RAC guy (who used to work for Ford), said it could be one of: cam belt sensor (done), a tiny hole in one of the injector pipes, water in the fuel system

- I've had a quote of £450 to change all the injector leads, but told it might not cure the problem

- its the worst type of fault as it is intermittent. Sometimes it wont happen for weeks, and then will for days in a row.

Needless to say, Ford have been about as useful as a chocolate watch!! I'm not a happy bunny - I can't sell the car on as thats unethical, and I can't use it for my kids as thats unsafe.

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks
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Thumbs up Re: Mondeo Duratorq cutting out / starting problems

Originally Posted by jamiemurray View Post
it means that the glow plugs are faulty

I'm not sure why you have repeated this misinformation. Glow plugs do not operate at 50mph and do not cause engines to cut out. Ford's glow plug light is the malfunction indicator lamp on many vehicles and identifies a fault through flashing once the engine is running. The only other time the glow plug lamp usually operates is during ignition sequence and is to indicate the glowplug's are operating.

Several of the problems above sound like they have not really been solved, and misinformation doesn't help. Speed sensors can often present problems (located on the back of gearboxes sometimes) on petrol's also. Another problem likely that I haven't seen mentioned is residual petrol from an incorrect filling. These engines will often start with traces of petrol in the tank, when engine performance is more critical at higher RPM's the engine fails, and often when the vehicle is at normal operating temperature. Sometimes the ambient temperature effects seperation of the fuels in the tank presenting starting issues, sometimes the motion of the vehicle effects mixture which has its own symptoms.

A common problem I have seen is also the connection on the back of the fuel rail /pressure sensor, it is worth noting that a number of successful posts I have read confirm this.

Many of the other suggestions here are valid, its a shame that everyone doesn't post their successes on the forums, mostly you read of failure. Cam and crank sensors do fail, but they are made by companies like bosch and Marelli so its hardly worth blaming ford, worth a mention that Bosch make many of the fuel pumps aswel. The same company that make for GM, BMW etc etc.

I doubt that ford actually manufacture many of these failing components to be fair, and lets face it, its not like everyone is suffering from Big End Failure. I dont think ford can be laid entirely to blame here, they also suffer from software issues on ECU's, again the likes of Bosch make these. Perhaps worth visiting a bosch specialist electrician/service centre, they're advertised.

Having a proper diagnostic check using live data as well as or rather than historically stored codes is always better. There are often independent 'diagnosticians' that are very familiar with these issues particularly what the live data displays mean, money well spent, rarely more than a main dealers diagnosis, if you really don't know who to use, find out who your local snap on dealer is, and ask him who's bought the best tackle and knows how to use it, I'm not saying only snap on can solve it, I'm just thinking of an easy way for you to speak to someone who personally knows every garage and most mechanics in your local area, and is sure to know who's good at diagnostics, and who's shit.

Food for thought.
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