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Stacy94PGT 03-16-03 10:55 AM

2004 SVT Lightning Pics
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I took these at the 2003 Atlanta Auto Show.

Stacy94PGT 03-16-03 10:59 AM

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Here's another one....

Rodderz 03-20-03 01:13 AM

Very nice pics stacy, the lightening does look so good!
I used to have the last model Lightening in a remote control car, i was scared of scratching it when i used it!

smciner1 03-20-03 03:46 AM

That is one TOUGH lookin' truck!

Stacy94PGT 03-20-03 07:32 AM

Thanks Rodderz ! Does Ford sell the Lightning in Australia ?

RPO83 03-20-03 09:43 PM

Unfortunately Ford Australia doesn't Stacy :( Great pics BTW!

Stacy94PGT 03-21-03 05:53 AM

Thanks Luke !

2004lightning 08-22-04 11:22 PM

Re: 2004 SVT Lightning Pics
soory about this but i just registered to this site and do not know how to use it yet. i have just bought a 2004 lightning and was wondering - i want to put a k and n air cone filter in it and i saw that there is a sensor in the filter airbox and was wondering what i am suppose to do with it

Pursuit_chick 08-22-04 11:55 PM

Re: 2004 SVT Lightning Pics
yuumm hehe love the SVT Lightnings :)
got any pics 2004lightning?

galaxy xr8 08-23-04 01:38 AM

Re: 2004 SVT Lightning Pics
MMMmmm love it,my favourite ute/truck, I'd have one of these over a Pursuit anyday.

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