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Proud New Owner of EA Falcon

G'day All

I have just bought a 1991 Series II, EA Falcon for $2200...

I had it fully checked out and all it needs is a set of shocks (its all good cause im getting it lowered anyway) and the windscreen repaired. I have had it checked out by a mate (who also happens to be a workshop manager) and there is not a thing wrong with the engine. The paint work is white and there isnt a scratch or dent anywhere on the paint. The inside needs some armour oil and it will come up like the day it was bought. There is no sign of rust anywhere and it has a towbar. Also it has done 250,000 kms. Is this a good buy??? Also I want to do a few things to it...

1. Lowered. About $200 through connections
2. CD player (nothing too flash) about $200
3. Tinted Windows (about $120 through connections)
4. Mags....(no idea of chrome wheels as i dislike them alot)
5. Sports Exaust...No idea of price

If anyone else has any suggestions (on mods) please reply...Also I was wondering how much a conversion to manual would cost??? Also an average price of Alloy Wheels and Sports Exaust would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance

P.s What are the differences between this model and the original 1989 3.9lt GL model. Just a reminder it is a 1991, Series II, 30th aniversery edition, 4spd Auto, GL.

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Good buy mate, sounds like you got a decent EA, its good to see.

The main differences between the original EA's and your model of EA is that yours has the 4 speed automatic transmission where the early EA's only had a 3 speed automatic transmission (not forgetting both have the 5 speed manual) and also your model has smartlock added to it where as the other older EA's dont.
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EAz rock!
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No there wasn't Smartlock on EAs, I think the earliest model with Smartlock was the ED? I'm pretty sure that's it. Everything before that just had the tibbe lock system.

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EA anniversary model had the tibbes lock introduced

and the EB onwards had smartlock.

EL driver...
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Being a white EA, I would suggest colour coded door handles and bumpers ( S-Pac style looks good )
Tinted windows always looks schmick of white cars :)
how low will you be dropping it? I will be dropping mine only by 30mm as I have some rough roads to contend with each and every day....but if you want it to look hot, some guys have dropped theirs by 2.5" and they look sweet.

Lets go find that Hotdog tree I planted

Lowered EF Futura
Black Steelies ( too cheap to buy proper mags )
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Sounds like you got a pretty decent EA cheap Brenlam.

Good luck with it

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If your going to dump it, I'd recommend getting springs that make your car 2-2.5" lower. I've got my Fairmont lowered 1.5" and although it looks heaps better, I wish it was lowered just a little bit more.. Also when it's getting lowered, make sure the rear doesn't sag. I have this with my EA (sags just a little, but you can notice it, I have King Springs) and it's got something to do with the rear springs being dual rate springs.. (correct me if i'm wrong)

CD Player--- Your not going to get anything for $200 unless you buy it second hand. I'd budget between $250-350 for the most basic of CD tuners.. Just make sure you get a H/U with outputs incase you want to get an amplifier later on (most come with at least one set)

Exhaust--- If you do upgrade your exhaust (good idea, especially on an EA) I'd suggest you save up and get extractors, larger cat and exhaust at the same time. Getting just a Cat Back exhaust won't upgrade the performance of your car one bit, because an Exhaust is only as big as it's smallest part. I'd recommend going a 2.5" Pacemaker exhaust. Don't buy a "hi-flow" cat no matter what anything the exhaust guy says, they are rubbish and don't allow any extra flow whatsoever. Just get a cat that matches the size of the rest of your exhaust. All in all, i'd say $250 for the exhaust, $250 for the cat (correct me if i'm wrong), and $450-500 for the extractors..

Mags--- Ok, now mags would have to be THE most overpriced item you can buy for your car IMO. If you want to go for a nice, yet somewhat common look look for a set of 15" EA/EB GHIA mags. Polished they look very shmik, especally on a lowered car. I also hate chrome mags, but polished mags look very nice. You could buy a set of these second hand for around $300-450.
You could then consider purchasing a set of EL XR Tickford Mags.. They are also quite common, but not seen all that much on EA's, and suit the car perfectly. I've got them on my car and they look very nice. You can buy a set second hand for around $500-600, or you can also buy brand new replicas ($750) or originals ($1100) from any major tyre/wheels retail outlet.

Also, what kind of engine did you get. Was it the 139kw Multi Point engine, or the 120kw CFI engine? They way to tell is if you have a tennis raquet style air filter on the right of the rocker cover.. If you do, then unfortunately you've got the slower CFI..

Hope this info helps you!
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Thanks for the advice
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Ah i stand corrected on the smart lock thing haha i meant to say tibbe locks, ah well good excuse aye?
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