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  • r-clar ·
    sorry Bert I just realized I had a message from you.We absolutely love going to Michigan. I dont think Ive actually been to Traverse city. We frequent Hart area And Petosky. Also beeon to Jerome for an offf road park this fall. Wish we could move there
    djzx3 ·
    Hey Bert, IDK what you think, but the Ford fusion is commonly considered apart of the focus family. I also think it would bring a lot more talk to the focus part of the forum.

    The main reason is, some people consider it apart of the focus family, because on the focus forums they are allowed to talk among us about there fusion and it not be off topic, also considering they have the 2.3l Duratec in there, the same as the focus. Maybe a little different in shape of motor, but the same liter and similar parts.

    Let me know what ya think?

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