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  1. 94 XR8 Auto. Port Macquarie

    The Market Place Archives
    For Sale: 94 EF XR8 Falcon. Auto. 190K's, Has 1 months QLD Rego, Selling Unregistered, and with NO Roady worthy. Completely standard car apart from a full clarion Stereo system with CD head unit, 6 stacker in boot, 4 Channel Amp, front split speakers and 10" Sub. The car has a starting issue...
  2. Please, Gimme a hand!

    The Pub
    Hey all. I'm after your help. 18 months ago i became quite ill. I contracted a rare kidney disease, that destroyed my kidney function in 6 weeks. The fight to treat this disease has been a long one. I am now free of the disease, but left with no kidney function, and have dialysis 3 times a week...
  3. EA-EB-ED Strut Tower Brace.

    The Market Place Archives
    Pedders Strut Tower brace to suit 6cyl EA to ED. Will not fit EF-EL, or V8's. Located Ormeau, North Gold Coast. $60. Good Condition.
  4. 1970 Mk 1 Capri. Nth Gold Coast

    The Market Place Archives
    I have a 1970 MK1 Ford Capri. It is currently a rolling shell. Ready for paint and rebuild. The shell is originally a 4Cyl Shell, but had been converted to full GT V6 Specs and was registered as a V6, so qualifies for 6 cyl regulation regarding upgrades. Modifications: Hadfield Chassis kit...
  5. Tyres for Sale. 234/45/17 and 165/80/15. SE Qld

    The Market Place Archives
    I have 4 tyres for sale. 2 x 235/45/17 Bridgestone Grid 2's 2 x 165/80/15 Kumho Powerstars. All tryes have plenty of tread on them. Can email pics upon request. System wont let me upload. Selling due to not having the cars they were intended for. 235/45/17's $100 each. 165/80/15's $75 each...
  6. EF ingition fault

    E-Series Falcons
    i have ef xr8, with the same prob. Just bang the dash next to steer column on the left of it. Works everytme. Most auto electricians are aware of it also, and have a kit they can put in to bypass smartlock all together. Blown.
  7. S5 solenoid and auto mileage

    Trans | Driveline
    atec77, where to start. The VG30 is a very good motor. in std form has lots of go, even in the 300 that weighed in about 1600 Kgs. The car easily ran a flat 14 with the windows down and the targa top off, and a 100+ kgs of stereo. in a little car around the 1000kg mark it would be dangerous /...
  8. B & M to BTR

    Trans | Driveline
    Has anyone sucessfully mated a B & M shifter to an 4sp btr trans in an e series falcon. What bracket did you use, where did you get it from??? Any info would be great.
  9. S5 solenoid and auto mileage

    Trans | Driveline
    Ir you still haven't got it sorted, give steve fisher autos in port macquarie a call. They do really good work and wont tell you a heap of crap just to get money out of you. He did a lot of work on the auto on my twin turbo 300zx when i had auto troubles. Cheers Adam.
  10. Air Con Compressor Woes. EF XR8

    E-Series Falcons
    The ac compressor in my ef xr8 has siezed. I managed to find a shorter pulley belt and put it on to miss the compressor so i can still drive. I need to get a replacement item, but wanted to know if these are the same compressors in the 4.0L 6 eninge or not. Any help would be great.
  11. Twin Throttle body manifold. Windsor

    Windsor Tech
    And no, its not mine i'm trying to sell. Just an FYI
  12. Twin Throttle body manifold. Windsor

    Windsor Tech
    You may have seen this B4. I had to post anyway, just in case. eBay Australia: TWIN THROTTLE MANIFOLD! To Suit Ford V8 EB-AU (item 200076734674, end time 13-Feb-07 22:45:57 AEDST)
  13. FS QLD EA,EB,ED 6cyl Strut tower brace

    The Market Place Archives
    I got this over 8 years ago. At the time they were rare. I haven't had my eb for about 5 years now, so have not been following the available parts trail for a while. I hope that new, they are better priced these days than they were back then.
  14. FS QLD EA,EB,ED 6cyl Strut tower brace

    The Market Place Archives
    I have a strut tower brace for ea to ed 6 cyl. Is a pedders item. Is used but in good condition. Extremely rare to come by. Is polished silver bar, and red strut top brackets. Will not fit EF or EL or any windsor powered engines due to clearance of manifold. Available North Gold Coast...
  15. FS QLD B & M Pro Ratchet Shifter.

    The Market Place Archives
    1 new, never used pro ratchet shifter. Is 3/4 speed version with cable. Was purchased for a project that is now going manual. Box has been opened, but unit never used. Available at nothern gold coast. $250.00 ono Blown..............