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  1. Ford Escape - Mazda Tribute

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    Have had stalling and hesitation problems with our 2001 3L V6 Mazda Tribute which is basically a Ford Escape. The stalling problem only occurred when engine was cold and you would come up to a light or stop sign. It has been doing this periodically from time to time, then it became to common...
  2. Numbers on 65 390 engine not matching up????

    Hi, I've been involved with a few FE block Ford stuff. the left exhaust manifold D2TE tells me it is off a 1972 F150 or F250. The right hand exhaust manifold C5SE I believe is Thunderbird. Ford part numbers that start with C are sixties, D, 70's etc. I have an 88 F-150 and part nbrs start with...
  3. HELP with windshield gasket

    Hi: If you can look at a 61 Ford Galaxie 2 door or 4 door ht the windshields may be the same as your Mercury and therefore the gasket or seal would be the same. Sunliners or convertibles could be the same. I have a 63 1/2 Galaxie HT and it takes the same gasket as the convertible, but not the...
  4. 64 Ford Galaxie 500XL Trans Cooler lines

    Hello: If I needed transmission cooler lines replaced, I would try the local auto transmission shops. I'm sure they must replace a lot of lines if there are any good service people in those shops. If I was in the auto tranny business, I would make sure I had the tools and tubing for line...
  5. Advice needed for '65

    You might try reversing the heater hoses at the heater core. Although even if they were wrongly connected you should be getting some warm air through the core, not necessarily hot air. Or like he 66galaxieman says, you may have an air pocket.
  6. anyone running the 352? Have you found the perfect

    The 352 and 390 are somewhat gas hogs, changing the carb to a different brand won't help much. I have and 63 Galaxie, been running the 4100 carb for the 23 years I have owned the car. It never gave me any trouble. I installed a new carb kit in it about 8 years ago and still no problems...
  7. 1. Question on 390FE original roundup 1968

    All Ford engines of those years are Ford blue. That includes air breather and valve covers. Unless a chrome engine dress up kit was available and ordered as option.
  8. 223 expansion tank

    I don't know how seriously yours is cracked but I have fixed a couple with cracks on the corners, thats where they usually crack. I cleaned the area around the crack and soldered it up. Smooth the soldered area with a fine file and repaint. A reputable radiator shop should be able...
  9. 63 galaxie dash

    Both years are identical. The dash with the swing-a-way steering wheel I believe is different from the standard dash. All 63 and 64 Ford and Mercury full size with fastback roof line are the same from the beltline up. All take the same window winding and door parts inside the doors. All...
  10. Different numbers on rockers

    Hi, try the galaxie club in your area. Log on the North West Chapter Website and you might be able to contact someone thru there.
  11. 62 mercury monterey

    Hi, All 62 Mercury full size have same suspension as the 62 Ford. Spindles are same for 62, 63, & 64 Ford and Mercs. Therefore any disk brake conversion for 63 & 64 Fords & Mercs would be same for 62 Mercurys. Power steering setups are all they same. Always liked the 62 Mercury, they are not...
  12. 1965 Galaxie 500 2dr hardtop LTD

    Hi Kuhln: According to the book I have total production of the Galaxie Ltd's 2 door hardtops for 1965 is: Galaxie 500 LTD Body 63F 2d Hardtop Fastback 37,691 Body 57F 4d Hardtop Fastback 68,038 The book does not have any breakdown of the LTD XL's and the 500 LTD So I assume those totals are...
  13. corners

    A good sheet metal man who can form metal and also weld would likely be your best bet. Only other option is try and find an early sixties Ford and cut out the sections. I had rusted out corners on the rear window and the body shop fixed it up like new.
  14. Need Engine/Transmission Help!

    Hi, First of all to find out the original motor you should get the serial number off the serial should be attached to the left front door pillar. Assuming you are in the U.S. the serial will read like this for example 2S63X100001. 2 is the year, S assembly plant or...
  15. 63 galaxie trans linkage

    Yes the shop manual shows the kick down rod. Its attached to the accelerator bellcrank assembly at top rear of the intake manifold and the other end to the downshift shaft lever which protrudes out from the manual shift lever. It was possibly removed and never replaced at one time.