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  1. XR8 Bonnet Decals

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  2. Axle tramp

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    Thx Jabba
  3. Axle tramp

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    Has anyone else had much trouble with axle tramp? And if so how do I stop it. Thx
  4. quad exhaust in perth

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    Do a top job aswell :hy:
  5. not sure about Exhaust for XR8

    I got my Gt exhausted by D&T Performance in Myaree. Pacies. Hiflow cats and twin 2 1/2" out both sides with twin tips(Stain/Steel). Sounds awesome and looks great. I can really tell the improvement over the original system in performance aswell. Havent been back to dyno with new system on but...
  6. open letter to ford, what would you do? (long)

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    Sorry to hear about all your troubles with your car. If anyones interested I purchased mine from Lane Ford in Mandurah and I cant say enough about how good the service has been. Theyre always willing to have a listen and check the car over for the slightest whinge from me. And if I give them...
  7. How many kw

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    You could probably take out your kw increase for cold air as their is no advantage to be had on a dyno with cold air unless you've got a huge blower forcing it into the mouth. My GT had 220Kw stock and when you work out losses thru drivetrain etc that looks about spot on. Have yet to test since...
  8. Xtreme's XR6T runs at the plex

    Xtreme Ford Tuning
    Tell me would a stock standard XR6T beat a stock standard GT on the quarter? :hy:
  9. Nice looking GT

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    Y bother puttin the GT badge on the left. :driver:
  10. OMG, GT stripes appearing on AUs

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    If you haven't heard a Boss sound good you haven't heard one with Pacies and twin 2 1/2" S/S out both sides LUVVVVELY......Now it sounds like a GT
  11. Standard GT Dyno

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    Oh what a lovely sound............Pacies with Quads....I'll drive it for a couple of weeks then dyno it again so we can see the difference. Already so much smoother down low and much better low down power and oooooooh that burble. :driver: I'll try and get the young blokes MP3 player off him and...
  12. Standard GT Dyno

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    Just done 11600ks.
  13. Standard GT Dyno

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    Does this look ok for standard GT no addons? Getting zorst done tomorrow so was interested in increase if any. Pacemakers,cats and twin 2 1/2" SS with quad tips. Will post the next one if worth posting.
  14. $ to fit headers?? fit hi flow cats?

    I'm having my Pacemakers fitted on Wenesday next week and theyre charging me $895 for the extractors and $150 to fit on a BAGT with free match ported cats plus a $2200 quad S/S exhaust.
  15. TSB for GTP T3850 - hard to change gear

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    I also have a gearbox like that but I thought it was the GT thing, like diff clunks and stuff. Mines due for 15000k service in Jun was waiting till then to do something about it. I will keep watchin your posts to see if you have a win. Went for Sunday drive on the weeknd , thought I would wind...