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  1. hummm....

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    not much happening here, where are all the lightning fans?:hy:
  2. 1993 lightning

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    ok, 1993 svt lightning, 351" 4 sp, auto, set up with nitro.
  3. windsheild wipers

    Ford Expedition Forum | Lincoln Navigator Forum
    My husband says that I cannot pull the wipers up and let them hold theirselves off the windshield, (the snow and ice is so bad this year when parked) he said it will loosen the springs and they will not then press on the windshield when using them. Is this so?
  4. 1993 lightning

    The Market Place Archives
    This has all vehicles numbers matching, I am not where I can put my hands on its assets, but will later when I get home. This truck was a wrestlers, and was raced. Very good condition. Purchased it for 6400.00, a few years ago, but never drove it. Make offer, no reasonable offer refused. Must...
  5. Fordie!

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Hi, just started looking for a Ford forum and yours looked the best. I have a 1993 Lightning and wanted to make a decision on it, so will be reading and looking here. :hit: