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  • z21 ·
    hi bro.

    the problem is, my cousing buy this ecu already. (the seller says it is for V6 so he only read that.) but i search and all site's say it is for 2.3L

    do u know if is possible to reprogram this and can work with my V6?

    thanks for answer.
    montew ·
    Hi ,
    I'am hoping you can help me with my 2006 f-150 with a 5.4 triton it is showing a cam position code on bank 2 I have changed both cam phasers ,timing chains,chain tensioners,guides,and vvt silenoids also the oil pump and all the plugs ..........the truck runs great until it warms up then when I stop it sounds like a diesel and dies then when I start it back up it sounds good until I put a load on it then it does the same thing I can also gas it up at higher rpms then it clears up again ,,,,,,,,,,please ant ideals???

    Monte Wall
    mihzyd777 ·
    Hi this is Mike I was the guy who posted the X-Plan information post. I checked with my dealer and the sales guy I'm working through said he used his limit already on friends/family.

    Do you mind checking into the X-Plan for me since it's for friends ? To be honest I would jump into a Ford immediately. Any help I can get from you I'd honestly really appreciate.

    Thanks for anything you can do.
    Bert ·
    I'm originally from Buckley, which is 18 miles south of Traverse City, My family still lives there.
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