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  • lrodptl ·
    Hi. Everytime I try to log in it says it is invalid.forcing me to go through the process every day. I also get a message that my AOL email can't be used and to contact an admin. I click the link,try to send a message and that says the email is invalid. I have a Paid premium AOL account. Thanks.
    Koos ·
    Hi Logan thanks for your reply but i also put a electric fuel pump inline but it also didn't help. I took a pressure test on the cylinders but it seems a bit low remove the head but nothing wrong with the bottom end/Head and injectors. What else can't it be.
    Jimmy Wallace ·
    R.S. Logan - I would just like to thank you for posting your video on repairing the radio display on the various Ford Radios1 It was exactly as you described, I did as you said, and it works like a charm. My sincere thanks to you sir! (and it took less tha an hour and a half! From a Happy Western Canadian!
    ralphhoshins ·
    I read the new updated guideline and I think I understand, I need to post 20 legitiment forum post can I talk about my private ford collection and my garage that is not for sale. the 20 posts should be about anything other then for sale, what about parts to buy I want to do this right ralph hoskins
    fordman84 ·
    Thanks for the info apparently oil holes and rod weight face the same way on this engine most are opposite just wanted to b sure don't want a shaker.thanks again Logan

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