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      It's almost certain you need a new yaw rate sensor; it's a fairly common failure on Territories of this age or even younger. When they fail it causes the traction control to operate through low speed corners applying the brakes on the front passenger's side hence the noise.

      Not cheap new: GENUINE FORD SX SY TERRITORY STEERING YAW RATE SENSOR UP TO BUILD 22-11-2007 | eBay but second hand are cheap enough: FORD TERRITORY YAW SENSOR SX SY AWD.USED. 3165143183595 | eBay Try shopping around as the same part is used in many Ford (including the Mondeo) and Jaguar vehicles and can often be sourced cheaper new or refurbished from UK suppliers.

      They live behind the glove box. Process to replace is:
      Disconnect the battery then wait ten minutes before proceeding unless you want an air bag exploding in your face.
      Remove the glove box.
      Remove the four bolts from under passenger's air bag.
      Use a long flat screwdriver to pop each plastic tab under dash for removal of mat above the dash.
      Undo the three screws from under dash mat that holds the air bag cover in place.
      Use a long flat screwdriver to pop each plastic tab under the dash to remove the air bag cover.
      Removed air bag and its cover together with out disconnecting the power cable/wiring harness. Place air bag and cover still connected to the wiring harness on top of the dash to out of the way
      Unplug the power cable from YAW sensor.
      Remove the two bolts from YAW sensor and remove the yaw sensor. (harder than it might sound).

      Installation is the reversal of the foregoing steps.

      You cannot just unplug the Yaw sensor or leave the fuse out. It would be dangerous (and of course illegal to do so). The Yaw rate sensor measures and tells the RCM the vehicle's angular velocity about its vertical axis in degrees or radians per second in order to determine the orientation of the vehicle as it hard-corners or threatens to roll-over for possible deployment of the air bags.

      EDIT: Note when installing the replacement Yaw Rate Sensor it is critical that it be installed with its plug facing the rear of the vehicle and the arrow marked "FOV" pointing to the rear of the vehicle. Tightening torque is for the two bolts on the Yaw sensor module is 6 Nm. It's also worth downloading the factory workshop manual for you Territory from Ford as PDFs at . Section 206-09B-2 is the section of the manual covering this. It will only cost you US$21.95 for a 72 hour subscription and that will be enough time to download manuals for a dozen Ford vehicles. Note that each page is bar coded with the subscriber's ID so no sharing or publishing etc unless you want to see Ford's copyright lawyers in court. If you do subscribe to get a manual, it's also worth downloading the various owners handbooks and TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) relevant to your vehicle)(s) while you have an active subscription.

      PS It's not a fun job access wise unless you're a contortionist but dealers etc will charge around $1,000 including parts to do it so it's worth doing it yourself.
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      4,286 Posts
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