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  1. Another Newbie

    New Member Area/Introduction
    welcome to the forums you 3 ford lover. ralph
  2. Wanted: 427 Center or Side Oiler Block

    FE (330-428) Tech
    I have a N.O.S. 1964 427 complete Low Riser center oiler cross bolt mains dual quad mickey Thompson side by side intake with carbs. and linkage carb. #c3ae-9510b list#2668 block#c4ae, heads#c3ae-6090j, dual point dist.#c5ae12127,bellhousing,flywheel,pressure plate,clutch disc,clutch fork, borg...
  3. Re: Hello to all

    Fairlane | Torino
    Re: Hello to all Are there any thunderbolt builders on the forums. i'm building a 64 fairlane clone, off to a slow start but working on it 427Lo Riser or 428 S,C.J.? currie disc brake rear end with 3:91 gears 4Spd. top loader. Post moved
  4. intro. the new guy

    New Member Area/Introduction
    just want to say hello to all of the ford people.:hit:
1-4 of 4 Results