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  1. chassing Mint 76 F100 Cab and info

    Classic Trucks
    umm no sorry. to anyone that is intrested 1968 Ford F100 - Fatman Fabrication - Classic Trucks Magazine great site, answerd alot of my questions
  2. Pics of my T model and Pilot

    The Showroom
    nice stuff, where did you get your manifolds? and what carbs have you got to suit?
  3. info/site 82 esky?

    Ford Escort, Laser, TX3, Sierra and Mercury Capri
    Brought a 1982 escort the other week, just going to tidy it up for a daily, put my pinto in it, would anyone have any links to escort site? thanks
  4. My Pimpin' Merc ;)

    PhotoShop Forum
    Its good to see someone that loves themselfs so much. Did you really make that All by yourself? wow man you are awesome. Shows.
  5. ZF/ZG Photos?

    The Showroom
    Yeah its under visitors cars and then others Also here: Matts ZG Fairlane
  6. chassing Mint 76 F100 Cab and info

    Classic Trucks
    Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a near new Cab? I know its unlikely there would be, but hey never hurt to ask. I have 2 cabs but niether are great condition, also anyone with any info on Chops would be great. Probably going to drop the roof 2 - 2.5". I want a low stance aswell...
  7. XF/FC LTD tail lights

    The Market Place Archives
    I was thinking about modifing the rear to suit, but if they are few and far between and pricey and I break one I cant just chuck the normal xf light back in...crap. hmm do you know of any places that have clear taillights in stock?
  8. XF/FC LTD tail lights

    The Market Place Archives
    Just after a set of the tinted LTD FC fairlane taillights for my XF, anyone have any or any idea where I can find some?
  9. EF falcon CHEAP in W.A

    The Market Place Archives
    I have an unregod ef falcon for sale, runs rough, probably needs new injectors. body is fairly good, few spots of rust. asking $1500 ono.
  10. XA Sedan, XA Ute, XA Van, XF Ute, ZF Fairlane, ZG Fairlane For Sale - WA

    The Market Place Archives
    can you post up or send me a pic of the ZF? how does the roof look?
  11. 1980 Escort, All L&R side glass (4 door)

    The Market Place Archives
    Just after left and right side glass (front quarter, front door, rear door, Rear quater). for a 1980s ford escort 4 door. saved It from a bloke for $100, but only after he he had smashed the glass out...idiot. Im in W.A but dont mind paying postage. thanks
  12. gear ratio have no idea?????

    E-Series Falcons
    havnt you seen it before? Im not exactly new to the forums. Send me a PM on what you would like to know, so this post doesnt get hijacked. .....uummmm yeah gear ratios hey...
  13. ZF/ZG Photos?

    The Showroom
    yeah man not mine, still have mine though, Still in bits
  14. gear ratio have no idea?????

    E-Series Falcons
    I have 3.7s in my EB, behind a 4 speed, very nice. going to swap the diff in2 my XF soon, which is running an EB 4.0 and T5, will let you know how that goes. But yeah Id be tossing that 3spd if I where you.
  15. 72 TC Wagon + Clevo...

    Ford Cortina Forum
    yeah man I know, thats what I want, cause itll be under the rad support I dont want a filler on the top. nah man, whys that?
  16. Best way 2 spend $5000 on 302c?

    Cleveland Tech
    Brenx Its going into a TC wagon which has the weight of 1064kg, when the new drive line goes in itll be more, but Im not running the rear fold down seat, heater gear n a few other bits. Northey Iv pulled my 302 from my fairlane, so yeah the box is a C4, I was just curious to see what mods are...
  17. 72 TC Wagon + Clevo...

    Ford Cortina Forum
    yeah plan for rego. not sure how thatll go. Its a four cyl model so yeah there are no rad support chops, If i have to Ill go the chop and clean it up nicely (better than the factor job was hah), Iv got a post bout the plans for engine. I reakon...
  18. Best way 2 spend $5000 on 302c?

    Cleveland Tech
    yep, will be going the stroker for sure, any recomendations on brands and $$? Yeah I want a wild setup, but streetable, not a total pig. Its going in a 72 TC....wagon :) any ideas on trans? its just got a stock 3spd auto, should i kit it out n stallie, or ditch it for somthing else? keeping in...
  19. Turbo kit for ED XR6

    Superchargers | Turbos | N2O
    yeah Im intrested in this, what sort of rwkw would you be looking at from running the highest boost a stock engine (4.0) would take?
  20. Best way 2 spend $5000 on 302c?

    Cleveland Tech
    Hey guys/girls, just after a few different opinions on what people think the best way to spend $5000 on a 302 are? best bang for buck? any sugestions welcome. thanks
1-20 of 465 Results