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  1. EL Futura > Smartlock issue?

    General Tech
    Good. In any event my first response still applies.
  2. EL Futura > Smartlock issue?

    General Tech
    EL have grill at the front while EF don't see and
  3. EL Futura > Smartlock issue?

    General Tech
    The Vin plate in the engine bay passenger's side near the base of the windscreen will tell you if it is an EF or EL.
  4. EL Futura > Smartlock issue?

    General Tech
    Check the plate where the wires go into the ignition opposite the ignition key barrel has not come adrift or is starting to do so. Is interior light globe OK; if not it's integral to the Smartlock circuit and will need to be replaced to start the car. I would suspect the coil; if there is no...
  5. ford falcon el smart lock

    Audio And Security
    That is not a Smartlock issue;Smartlock is the antitheft system. Your problem is is with the Central Locking remote door lock system and will likely be caused by: a) a bent snipper rod in one of the doors; b) the snipper button on the door sill not sitting perfectly vertically in its plastic...
  6. 96 el falcon wireing loom

    Interior | Electrical | ECU
    Likely fuse number 4 in the dash fuse box is blown. See for all the wiring diagrams for the EL.
  7. Universal Car Fuel Saver Voltage Stabilizer Regulator

    The Pub
    Good for a laugh: I see these and similar fakes are still selling to punters on ebay etc. in various colours.
  8. XA electrical issues that have us £_#$ed

    Australian Falcons
    Check the coil relay, then the coil then the dizzie. Put a old spark plug in the dizzie end of King ignition lead (that goes from coil to dizzie) earth it to the engine and see if it sparks when you turn the engine over on the starter (no spark means coil or relay is faulty; if you get a spark...
  9. Cooling your engine down with fans

    The Pub
    Well it might be better to place the fans in front of the car so the air is blown through the radiator like the engine fan does when the car is running but it's probably not going to do any harm or good. Blowing air over the exterior of an engine really is not going to do much in the way of...
  10. ef falcon new ignition barrel wont start engine

    Australian Falcons
    I am a little confused. Is this the same 2008 question or is a new question about a different vehicle? In any event, check the end of the ignition lock opposite the key entry where all the wiring is connected is not starting to come apart; this is the most common issue rather than a faulty...
  11. So now we know the question that goes with the answer to the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

    The Pub
    See "Mathematicians have finally figured out the three...
  12. cranks but doesn't start

    General Tech
    Perhaps join one of the Jeep forums and ask there e.g.
  13. Hello

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Welcome aboard; what Ford(s) do you have?

    General Tech
    When you say a 100%, I hope you mean 50:50 premix not concentrate. It's ethylene glycol based and using 100% concentrate would make the coolant too viscous so it cannot easily circulate through the radiator tubes (especially in very cold ambient temperatures where it would become evem more...
  15. testing images

    Community Help
    Looks OK here.
  16. overheating monster 545 in a galaxie help.......

    That was my first thought too but then I checked his mod list. I think the 35 gpm pump with a backing plate he listed on the mods is exactly that per But it would be worth checking it's correctly wired and plumbed and sending...
  17. New Guy From New York

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Welcome aboard and good luck with your search.
  18. Hello

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Welcome to the Ford Forums.
  19. P0171 / P0174

    Ford Expedition Forum | Lincoln Navigator Forum
    How long since the fuel filter was changed?
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