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  1. 2003 F150 6 cylinder running rough up hill

    Ford F-Series | Ford Super Duty | Ford Diesel
    You can track the fuel trims at idle and at higher RPMs If high positive trims at idle come down at higher RPMs. Suspect vacuum leak. If not suspect MAF or fuel delivery. MAF at idle should be around 4 g/s and increase up to maybe 150 at WOT. Fuel pressure refer to spec.
  2. 05 Ford freestar Ac problem

    Ford Vans, Aerostar, Freestar, Galaxy, Windstar
    Give some thought to the idea that the recharge wasn't complete or air in the system. While the pressures look normal the amount of refrigerant may be low which can cause uneven evap temps. If blend doors are operating normally then suspect low refrigerant charge. Best to evacuate system, test...
  3. 2009 Ford Expedition OBD Code P0022

    Ford Expedition Forum | Lincoln Navigator Forum
    Test you can do to verify if vct solenoid sticking: Disconnect solenoid take for a drive. When coming to idle if engine runs smoother, than suspect vct solenoid sticking. Maybe try a bottle of Rislone oil treatment first to clean solenoid/vct passages before changing solenoid.
  4. 2005 ford escape keep alive memory fuse keeps blowing

    Ford Escape | C-MAX | Mercury Mariner Forum has schematic. To isolate suspected ground disconnect KAPWR wire from PCM.
  5. 2013 Escape Eco Boost Purge Valve / Rough Start/Idle

    Ford Escape | C-MAX | Mercury Mariner Forum
    FordTechMukuloco has a utube on this problem. You can see that it appears to be a very simple diagnoses /replacement of a known problem part. The $600.0 charge doesn't add up unless they did additional work/replaced additional parts. Agree it should have been fixed first time under warranty.
  6. Check Engine Code P0170 and P0173

    Ford F-Series | Ford Super Duty | Ford Diesel
    Since those are the only codes correct? Fuel entering intake from the FPR vacuum line or higher then normal fuel pressure would cause fuel trims to go negative. Test you can do. Disconnect vacuum line, let set for a few minutes see if there is any fuel coming from vacuum port. Verify fuel...
  7. 2009 Focus stalling

    Ford Focus Forum
    Test you can do. When rpm begin to drop off, can you increase RPM(foot on accelerator) and stop it from stalling? If so throttle may not be returning to correct idle position. Has a throttle cleaning ever been done?
  8. P0420 and FRP odd reading

    Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    High fuel pressure could cause injectors to over fuel and 13 year old cat converter to work harder. Are fuel trims compensating for too much fuel? At any rate you still have the winter time to pass emissions :)
  9. 2005 Escape NO A/C Engage + P0443, P0403, P0135, P0151, P0141, P0161

    Ford Escape | C-MAX | Mercury Mariner Forum
    Go to for an electrical schematic of the sensors and EGR wiring. Go to trouble codes section for causes/solutions.
  10. 2005 Escape NO A/C Engage + P0443, P0403, P0135, P0151, P0141, P0161

    Ford Escape | C-MAX | Mercury Mariner Forum
    Is the a/c good now after the repair? The codes are a separate issue and Ford suspects PCM causing codes?
  11. 2006 F-150 Hesitation Problem

    Ford F-Series | Ford Super Duty | Ford Diesel
    See for electrical schematic. See for causes/solutions such as open /short circuit or PCM driver circuit problem. If an open or a short is detected in the driver circuit for coil #8, a P0358 may set. Read more at: Copyright...
  12. Focus w/bad ABS

    Ford Focus Forum
    Pinpoint Test D: DTC C1095 - ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Failure Normal Operation The operating voltage required to run the hydraulic pump motor is in a range between 10 and 17 volts. Voltage is supplied by circuit 534 (YE/LG) (power hot at all times). Ground is provided through circuit...
  13. Focus w/bad ABS

    Ford Focus Forum
    If ABS doesn't pass startup self test and warning light stays on then your probably dealing with a bonafide problem. Dealer diagnoses, faulty pump motor, sounds reasonable, Can you post the work sheet/error codes found etc. You may decide that ABS isn't worth it to you. Brakes will work...
  14. 2009 Focus Bucking and cutting out

    Ford Focus Forum
    "previous owner out a K&N cold air intake on the vehicle" Verify that air intake back to original, no leaks and MAF reading normal. Could try disconnecting MAF maybe will run better on ECM default values.
  15. Struggling with fuel trims

    Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln Aviator
    Sounds right, rear o2 moves slowly. A good snap throttle will move it faster.
  16. 2007 Explorer won’t start intermittently

    Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln Aviator
    OP -rereading your posts 'The dashboard alarm light it on constant when I’m trying to start it." If this is the light for the PATS system( passive alarm that is factory standard) verify that it is off in the run position before starting. If it is blinking rapidly or on steady indicates PATS...
  17. 2007 Explorer won’t start intermittently

    Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln Aviator
    OP- good show using test light on starter relay circuit. You have tried moving from park/neutral to test possible intermittent P/N switch?
  18. idle issues

    Ford Probe Forum | Mazda MX6 Forum
    Check for normal MAF, ECT, IAC and TPS operation. Non OEM air intake can interfere with MAF readings causing erratic idle. "you can hear the maf opening and closing rapidly" Can you elaborate on this? How does fuel trim look?
  19. 2012 ac woes

    Ford Escape | C-MAX | Mercury Mariner Forum
    Isn't it possible that there are two separate issues? The fact dryer and resistor both go out together or one before the other may be just coincidental since both are prone to early failure. 1. The dryer/desiccant problem causing abnormal high side pressure and abnormal low side by clogging...
  20. Air Conditioner output temp not adaquate

    Ford Transit
    If a/c operating normal and vent temp isn't, then blend door may be at fault. Wouldn't think they overlooked that as a possibility.
1-20 of 37 Results