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  1. Most feared holden?!!!

    The Pub
    For me it's any VTII-VZ with an LS1. I'll have a crack at anything else.
  2. Rate the above persons avatar.

    The Pub
    2/10 Sorry Ghia, but yours sucks the big one!
  3. WOW - Korn guitarist finds God, leaves band

    The Pub
    True. Their early stuff is MUCH better.
  4. Im Back...

    E-Series Falcons
    Sounds good Curtis! I look forward to checking the pics :thup:
  5. k&n a491 replacement

    Windsor Tech
    I put one in the standard airbox not long after I got my EL. Made sfa difference, but I guess it will save me money in the long term because I don't have to buy replacement filters.
  6. Wheel Sizes

    Suspension | Wheels&Tires | Brakes
    They had 15s mate. 16s were optional I believe.
  7. The Best Falcon Yet????

    Australian Falcons
    Of the models listed I thought the AU was the best drive. However, overall I like the EL the most. I just wish it had better headlights :fraz: :thdn:
  8. Whats The Fastest Stock Inline 6?

    Australian Falcons
    Yes, but an EA 3.9 MPI 5 speed would be at least as quick as a EB 4.0 5 speed.
  9. All Ford Day 2005 (Geelong Vic)

    On the Road in Australia
    I'll have to double check what's happening with work, but at this stage I would say I'll be there :thup:
  10. Croydon last night

    The Pub
    I didn't know that :wnc: Last time I went I was meeting a mate there and I just walked straight in :fraz:
  11. AUI Forte Vs EF Fairmont

    Australian Falcons
    I was thinking the same thing.
  12. When good things go wrong

    The Pub
    Damn! This doesn't sound good :fraz: I hope it doesn't end up costing you too much $$$
  13. Black strip between front & rear windows on EF

    E-Series Falcons
    Ah cool, thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering why mine was like that.
  14. FBT interior on Ebay

    Interior | Electrical | ECU
    Nah I still prefer mine. Brown = yuk.
  15. A heap of new toys for Rmyers ;)

    Australian Falcons
    Looks good Steve :thup:
  16. 20 questions

    The Pub
    I can't believe that it actually guessed the specific dog I was thinking about! German Shephard.
  17. We were bored...

    The Pub
    If EL GTs were available in shadow chrome I would get them in a second. I think I said that to Sunny not long after I got the car. For some reason I think the silver EL GTs are too plain. I don't think the car would stand out at all with them. I agree with alot of the comments in that they...
  18. We were bored...

    The Pub
    Thanks Yagz :thup:
  19. Whats the point

    The Pub
    Yeah they're not a bad steer. My old one (which Mum now owns) has been 100% reliable, although it is a very low kilometre example (85 thousand K's). I would recommend one :thup:
  20. We were bored...

    The Pub
    Yeah I thought it would be funny to post pics of nothing :whatever:
1-20 of 483 Results