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  1. best exhaust for EL falcon?

    E-Series Falcons
    Thats exactly what I did on my EL, and it sounds great! not loud when your cruising, but when you punch it, it sounds awesome.
  2. BF FPV GT & F6 Pics

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    love the GT, but not to sure about the F6.............
  3. 1/4 times for Dick Johnson ford?

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    thanks heaps
  4. 1/4 times for Dick Johnson ford?

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Hi all, I was just curious about what sort of 1/4 times the Dick Johnson ford produced (the 320kw one) I may just have missed it, but i cant remember seeing anything in motor or wheels?
  5. Lowndes and Ambrose Crash and fail to finish

    V8 Supercar Newsfeed
    he wasnt having a go he was just pointing out that you made a mistake. Lowndes got his own back when he bumped Ambrose off the track at the start of race 3.
  6. Ambrose to Nascar in 06?

    Ford Racing Across the Globe
    he just signed a new contract with ford untill 2009............
  7. Dear David Flint. Please explain?

    F6 Typhoon | XR6 Turbo
    awesome post red250, maybe someone at ford will wake up and read it, god knows they need to.
  8. DEV5 kit goes in soon

    Inline 6 Tech
    Yeah man should be awesome, it will put a big dent in my bank account though..........not cool. You should come out with us real soon, when you get your car back on the road.
  9. DEV5 kit goes in soon

    Inline 6 Tech
    I am getting the whole kit, and on the website they quote 175rwkws? I'll e-mail them back and double didnt get any head work done though did you?
  10. DEV5 kit goes in soon

    Inline 6 Tech
    I have my car booked in for a DEV5 cam kit in march and I can't wait till it gets installed. It just so happens that I have relatives in Melbourne so I am staying with them when I drive down. Because I already have a unichip installed, JMM reckon I should be able to put out the same amount of...
  11. ACT - TE50 Rims (18inch)

    The Market Place Archives
    Yep they sure are, interested?
  12. AUIII XR8 rwkw?

    Windsor Tech
    yeah true, i never expected to win, but he just thinks he is going to blow me away, and i dont think that will be the case, as my car has pretty good top end speed. The unichip always helps to though!
  13. AUIII XR8 rwkw?

    Windsor Tech
    Awesome thanks guys, the calais is stock, so as you said it would probably be running 122rwkw's my EF runs 122 rwkw's now so maybe I can give him a run, and do better than I expected.
  14. AUIII XR8 rwkw?

    Windsor Tech
    My old man's AUIII XR8 has the standard 220kw at the fly, but I was wondering what would the RWkw be? Just curious because my mate has a 96' Holden calias (supercharged) and he claims he has 170rwkw. This amount sounded a bit high for his car, so any help is appreciated!
  15. Ingall unveils new colours, old number.

    V8 Supercar Newsfeed
    The car looks awesome, but I hate the wheels I think they look so mcuh better with white wheels, rather than a dark colour.
  16. holden to upshow ford once more at brisbane motor show

    The Pub
    which cars were the winners of COTY?
  17. ACT - TE50 Rims (18inch)

    The Market Place Archives
    C'mon guys these are really good mags, they sell for $500 brand new, so this is a pretty decent price. The lowest I am willing to go is $1000.
  18. Where to get it sprayed?

    Exterior | Body | Paint
    Hey I was looking to get my car re-sprayed, silver with an orange pearl, and was wondering if anyone here knows of a place in canberra that does a good job but isnt the most expensive.
  19. ACT - TE50 Rims (18inch)

    The Market Place Archives
    hey I'll take a pic tonight and send it to you tomorrow it that is cool.
  20. DEV5 tell me about it

    Inline 6 Tech
    thanks guys, I'll get on to the website!
1-20 of 71 Results