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  1. My mates 1989 VN with 320,000km's easily outperforms my 1992 EBII? Why?

    E-Series Falcons
    My mate had a VN with 305,000km, it was auto, with pacemaker extractors, 2.5" exhaust, and a 3.45 LSD (I think that was the ratio) and the thing hammered. It was an absolute freak of a thing. It was quicker than my 5 speed EL with 3.08 single spinner. Mind you, when I got the XR8, I ATE him...
  2. BAGT dyno triumph!!

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Fair enough boys. I've said what I wanted to say, and no i didn't intend on having a slagging match. Have fun with your cars and I'll see you all at the track!
  3. BAGT dyno triumph!!

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Hi FPVGT, I saw your car on the day. Very nice indeed. Whered you get it lowered? I just thought I'd comment on the fact that a manual BA GT with mods is ALWAYS going to be more powerful than a dead stock auto T3. The guys in sydney (yes your mates) are getting 220kw+ and mid 13's with just...
  4. What do you want to see on the next model Falcon?

    The Pub
    You disagree on autos? What autos? What 5 speeds are you talklng about? if you're reffering to 5 speed autos, who makes them? The ZF 6 speed I used as an expmple as its a real option to use.
  5. What do you want to see on the next model Falcon?

    The Pub
    I hope this is not a repost. If so, then please accept my humble apoligies. I will run through a few specs I would like to see on the next falcon and FPV models. I know alot of people will add different options and this and that, but for the moment I will keep mine simple and maybe add a few...
  6. The Stealth or Uni Chip ?

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    An edit will always be better than a unichip. If theres an edit on the market it really makes absolutely no sense to use strap ons. I will wait till APS have their edit out, and we will see whos cars perform better. I'm hoping for a forced induction showdown, with a supercharged CAPA/SCT BOSS...
  7. Just Driven A Herrod 260 Stealth

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Re: First Drive In An Edited Vehicle Interesting Chris. Did said car have any mods? If so, what were they?
  8. chopping superlows?

    Suspension | Wheels&Tires | Brakes
    The spring will seat correctly when you refit them, providing you make the cut directly inline with the end of a coil, i.e cut a full coil (or dare I say two) but make sure it's directly inline. The problem is they may fall out depending on how much you cut them. Springs falling out are more...
  9. Special announcement regarding LuvinmyEB and The MaDDeSTMaN

    The Pub
    Congratulations. Hopefully you two have a lifetime of enjoyment together.
  10. Dear Mr Flint....

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    I hate reverse sensing systems. If you can't park a car you shouldn't have a licence. However, I do beleive that the revsrse sensing system should be an option on ALL of the FPV range.
  11. Pics of the kids

    F6 Typhoon | XR6 Turbo
    You lucky bastard! As everyone else has said, they are the two best models from the BA and AU range. So which one handles and goes beter stock?
  12. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Sorry I didn't speak to you. I arrived late last night, and as I wasn't drving I was helping a mate get his car on the trailer. I did see one of your runs, and I did even go into the staging lane where I saw you parked but since I didnt have a band round my hand I got kicked out of there by an...
  13. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    Righto mate. And from what I gathered from posts on here, SCT devloped tunes FOR Rob. But hey, I'm not gonna gather things just from reading a thread anymore, because obviously I wasn't right before. So I'm asking from those who are in the know, the horses mouth, how much has actually been...
  14. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    By the way, I'd like to retract the statements I made before. I realised I was out of line, and I also realise how important SPONSORS are to this great forum. I apologise if I offended anyone. Now, would someome please take the time to explain to me how much of this stealth has acutally been...
  15. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    You said it pal. The programs YOU have developed FOR Rob. Where are the programs Rob deloped for Rob? I was at Calder tonight. The stealth surely lived up to it's name. I mean, with a 13.8 second pass, who actually noticed?
  16. Rusty XR6T suspension arm?

    F6 Typhoon | XR6 Turbo
    That's the spindle you're talking about. They all have that rust colour, I don't know why but I wouldn't worry about it.
  17. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    So you're telling me there's absolutely no correlation between the SCT flasher edit and this stealth edit from herrods?
  18. BA EDIT - The Stealth is here *PICS*

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    So how much of this was developed by Herrods? SCT isa huge company and have been working on the BA edit for ages. It's strange that all of a sudden Herrods has an edit without even a mention through the whole process. If Herrod fully developed and tested it themselves, and it's a copyrighted...
  19. Replacing camshaft...

    Australian Falcons
    $1200 is a very decent price indeed with labour inclusive. It would be a good 6 hour job atleast considering you gotta drain engine and coolant, recover gas in A/C system, remove front bar, radiator, A/C condenser, timing cover, then the cam. Then fitting you've gotta put the new cam in, set...
  20. The Carnage Within The Storm

    F6 Typhoon | XR6 Turbo
    That's great to hear that you will give the F6 another chance. It would be bad to see you regret it afterwards.
1-20 of 447 Results