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  1. FS: NSW - Powerdyne CAPA blower kit for AU 4.0L + unichip

    The Market Place Archives
    if you decide that you will seperate id be interested in the unichip
  2. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    well what a night folks! had an absolute ball - havent ahad a new years like that in ages! :hy: big thanks to all that came, it was definately an awesome group...and soooo many stories were born last night - im sure they will be relived here over the next few days! cheers dave
  3. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    no problems mate! im sure everyone will be bringing soooo much stuff we will be able to party for 3 days! hehe that could be a pact we could till all the schiznit is gone! :angel: of course we will all be sharing one shot glass, did you ever doubt it? just a lot of long straws...
  4. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    oh and if anyone has any exciting things to bring along, please do... *bang* *crackle* "oooooooo pretty!" ;)
  5. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    ok folks, here is THE LIST! Paul- Wild Turkey / Jack Daniels Steph- Baileys & Schnapps (i have shot glasses so dont worry about them!) Paul & Steph- 2 bottles of lemonade, and either coleslaw or pasta salad Greg- Slab Chris- Slab Emma- Bottle of vodka Greg & Emma- 2 bottles of Coke, Biscuits...
  6. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    guys i will be posting the list very soon, just finalising it at the moment then ill let you all know... paul might be a good idea to bring that mattress along as a backup as i have no idea how many people are coming!!! stay tuned...
  7. Tsunami's

    The Pub
    yep not good at all guys interesting fact: virgin blue had a plane flying back today to ferry aussies back home...14 got on it, the rest said they either wanted to continue on with their holiday, or wanted to stay and help fix everything up - hows that for aussie spirit hey!! dave
  8. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    ok guys, ive made an executive decision! it will be at my place - i have tried negotiating with them and theyre not coming to the party...they reckon they will have no problems renting it out for a week to someone else. They said we could try again on the day, but i reckon stuff it, we need...
  9. Shanghai Tours

    Ford Racing Across the Globe
    whats the HSV one entail??
  10. If you could design and build a car from scratch...

    The Pub
    i know its a bit off topic sort of, but i would love to see the return of a small car that is RWD to the ford range - something that the missus can drive, but i can have a bit of fun in too! FWDs just dont do it for me
  11. 347 stocker

    Windsor Tech
    yeh i think you would have trouble finding a T3 block, but you never know, and even if you did i would imagine you would be paying a premium price personally i think you would be better off building your own
  12. Advice on purchasing a T3 TS50.

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    nope this was definately a TS, there has also been a couple of TE's for as little as 30k and one that actually sold for 29k - absolute bargain seems there must be a lot of people updating to new GTs and ford must be doing their usual thing and offering :bs: trade in figures... IMO i wouldnt be...
  13. Advice on purchasing a T3 TS50.

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    mate its not a folder about gregorys, they sponsor the FPV section (this section) of the forums i daresay your thread was moved here as it is about a tickford vehicle, and since tickford is now FPV (well sort of!) im guessing thats why someone has moved it here. as for the price, its a good...
  14. Official FordForums NYE Celebration!!!

    On the Road in Australia
    yeh mate, i am not going to well with negotiations on the house! they have a minimum rent period of a week, and its $2000...i was trying to convince them to let us have it for the weekend, as at the moment its not being hired by anyone so surely something would be better than nothing - but they...
  15. what did you get for chrissy

    The Pub
    well i got a headache for chrissy! ahhh gotta love xmas eve drinkies....
  16. My New Car

    The Pub
    good stuff stephen! all the best with it matey well done lisa - looks like you made someones christmas :hy: oh and stephen if you put neons on it, ill personally drive up there and dong you with a "neons are for poofs" sign... :P
  17. Happy Christmas

    The Pub
    merry christmas every one!!! hope youre all having a great day and that santas sack proved helpfull to you ;) hehehe and to anyone travelling, please drive safely, rest up and dont drink drive (its a washing detergent :P ) merry christmas all! dave
  18. Happy B'day Mother Nature!!!

    The Pub
    oooooooo happy bday for yesterday Lisa!!!! And merry christmas for today ;) hope you had/have an awesome pair of days! :hy:
  19. 351 Windsor into AU?

    Australian Falcons
    there was a guy in the nsw xr club (i think) that did this dont think it cleared the bonnet though because he had a special bulge thing attached, and a hole cut through the metal car sounded awesome, and went pretty hard too - ill see if i can find some pics
  20. My turn to bleat and winge

    The Pub
    everyone has different ways of measuring how much of a beast a car is... some people measure using dyno figures some people measure using 1/4 mile figures some people measure using power/weight ratio some people measure using lap times hell people even measure the output of their sound systems...
1-20 of 450 Results