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  1. 98 taurus tranny line leak

    Trans | Driveline
    might sound simple to some, but the trans axle cooler line leaks at the trans housing. the manual says tighten (did that) or replace line. the leak is in the fitting, the nylon gasket (?) has hardened and fluid leaks from the back of the fitting. to replace this line (3.0 engine) it seems like...
  2. Semi truck filler?

    Ford F-Series | Ford Super Duty | Ford Diesel
    I'm not positive, but perhaps you could find a wide mouth filler from a salvage vehicle that would inter change.
  3. Classic F-100's?

    Ford F-Series | Ford Super Duty | Ford Diesel
    classsssics I have several F-100]s --'56 F-100 1/2 ton--'56 F-150 3/4 ton long box--'56 F-600 dump truck--'78 F-250 stake --'40 p/u ford junkee
  4. Where are you from?

    The Pub
    Where I am! I'm from Oswego N.Y. by one of the big lakes. 93 taurus sho ? 56 F-150 (2) 58 Lincoln (4) 37 slantback 32 roadster
  5. ford 9 inch rear

    The Pub
    could anyone tell me what to look for to determine if a rear is a 9 incher ? Also , what do I look for to tell if it is a non-slip ?
1-5 of 5 Results