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  1. wrong ,but yeah.

    The Pub
    hahahahaa who thinks of this!
  2. QLD prestige number plate "F6"

    The Market Place Archives
    ^^ im with stuiped
  3. Tossers

    The Pub
    yep the cops sit at penrith macca's now on a thursday night, due to maccanats one dickhead had planted his car in the macca's garden sucks to be him and lol at him! Ed.
  4. OMG, GT stripes appearing on AUs

    FPV & Tickford Forum
    im gunna put stripes on my !!!AU!!! xls ute, just to upset you all.
  5. Bright Sparks.

    The Pub
    sorry bout last night if i got anyone i drove for about 40kms with highbeams the whole way !!
  6. I did the unthinkable

    The Pub
    ageed with lukeh! so long fare well i hate to say goodbye..
  7. How Tall are you ?

    The Pub
    5'11 and 143kg
  8. What was No.1 on the day you were born?

    The Pub
    Like a Virgin - Madonna 19th jan 85
  9. A Good Prank!

    The Pub
    Lame -_-
  10. Rate the above persons avatar.

    The Pub
    cant see what yours says -5 / 10
  11. your first car

    The Pub
    love the haircut dwp! and those sunnyies are just so in fasion
  12. TOAST AU Falcon

    The Showroom
    How much did it cost to get the interior done? that looks totally awesome!!
  13. Rate the above persons avatar.

    The Pub
    10/10 must have been a little watermelon or a big cat.
  14. So I found out I'm about the only one here without a Ford

    Australian Falcons
    beggers cant be choosers, i started with an XD, now i got an AU the XD was much funner to drive!
  15. Rate the above persons avatar.

    The Pub
    7/10 Its alright
  16. What's the worst thing you'd do for $5 Million?

    The Pub
    walk down a main street naked
  17. Hey Hey its Saturday

    The Pub
    mmm the good ol days...
  18. Isnt it purty (56k warning if you have dial up go get a beer and wait)

    The Pub
    geez that thing would be a **** to keep clean
  19. The Race

    F6 Typhoon | XR6 Turbo
    wind resistance?
  20. AU falcon ute or AUII???

    Ford Ute Forum
    i got a dec/99 build XLS and i got it for $17000 with 45,000kms on the clock it goes well, i havent had any problems with it, although i would like more power, as my car before was a V8 btw im 20 and insurance is 1300 fully comprehensive
1-20 of 477 Results