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  1. 2011 5.0 coyote shutting down

    Ford News & Ford Forum News
    Keep us posted.
  2. Mustang Funny Car Blow Up: Video

    Ford Mustang Forum
    That I knew. I was being sarcastic about blowing the car up... Force's daughters are quite impressive as well.
  3. Ford LTD 1979 parts

    "Should" is a very good word.
  4. XA electrical issues that have us £_#$ed

    Australian Falcons
    Could be the starter. If you have na amp clamp, see what your pulling. What kind of compression ratio are you running?
  5. How to Build the Perfect 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Ford Mustang Forum
    Yes... THAT would cure my depression. Refer to :
  6. Wipers and washer problem

    Ford Edge Forum
    I'd recommend AllData DIY. Used it for my wife's Pontiac. Unfortunately, most of the on line sources of free schematics have dried up.
  7. Ford LTD 1979 parts

    The LTD becomes the Crown Victoria. That body style ran from '79 to '82 and was also offered as a wagon as the Country Squire and badged under Mercury as the Marquis/Grand Marquis and in wagon form, the Colony Park.
  8. Lincoln’s Aviator Appears Not Fully Baked

    Take a pig's but... add some mangy hair... give it some cellulite... and a good case of acne. That Aviator is just a little uglier than that.
  9. Mustang Funny Car Blow Up: Video

    Ford Mustang Forum
    Yeah... but I don't think that makes you a winner.
  10. Possible to convert pre-Eco-boost engine to an Eco-boost?

    Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln Zephyr and MKZ
    Technically, yes. Modifications are likely to be necessary.
  11. Humour

    The Pub
  12. Expedition cranks but won't start

    Ford Expedition Forum | Lincoln Navigator Forum
    Good luck, sounds like fuel delivery to me as well.
  13. New engine swap idea?

    General Tech
    You'd have to bring over the transmission, its control module and the PCM as well. Given there's 5 years between the 2 cars, not sure how the rest of the car will like the PCM out of a 2005 and vice-versa. I might be easier to pull the whole sub-frame with everything attached and make any...
  14. Mustang Funny Car Blow Up: Video

    Ford Mustang Forum
  15. Airbag code 34

    Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln Zephyr and MKZ
    The code number has nothing to do with priority, just the order they named them, still sounds as though the clock spring is shorted.
  16. 1970's Coupe Rebuild

    Classic Mustangs
    How soon do you want it on the road? How much time do you want to spend with your sons building it? Crates are great if you want to drop and run, even better as they'll likely save you a couple of bucks. BUT... doing the rebuild and what you learn how it interacts as well as the time you spend...
  17. Wipers and washer problem

    Ford Edge Forum
    The rear and front work independent from one and other, the washer switch works in parallel with the wiper switch, if the wipers work off of the switch but not the washer function (as well as the washer not working), my guess would be a broken wire leading to the multi-function switch.
  18. How people travel by train in Bangladesh

    The Pub
    Need a low bridge to clear them off.
  19. New Guy

    New Member Area/Introduction
    Welcome aboard!
1-20 of 191 Results