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  1. XW 221 6 Cylinder improvements?

    Inline 6 Tech
    Cool, thanks for that. Who still makes cam's for these? Where can I get them from? Would putting a Pertronics Elec dizzy & coil on get me much gains? Thanks,
  2. XW 221 6 Cylinder improvements?

    Inline 6 Tech
    Hi all, I've had my XW600 for about 12 years now and am now looking to throw a few dollars at it to hopefully make it more reliable as I would like to get it out a bit more and get a few more HP at the same time. I basically asking for anyone out there who cares to put their 2 cents in...
  3. Cleveland into XW

    Cleveland Tech
    Have just purchased a XD Falcon ute with a 302 Cleveland and C4 trans. My intention is to transplant this into my 1970 XW sedan(currently a 3.6 with 3 on the tree) I have a reasonable amount of mechanical knowledge, and a few dollars and I am basically looking for some pointers and advice for...
  4. Xw V8 Conversion

    Classic Falcons
    Thanks for your advice guys, I have got the ute now and am about to commence work, wish me luck...
  5. Xw V8 Conversion

    Classic Falcons
    Hi there all, I apologise if this question seems amaturish, but Ive had a 1970 xw 3.6l for about 9 years and have always wanted to put a 8 in it, but have never had the time and the money at the same time... My friend has a XD ute with a 351c, C4 and 9" diff that has had heaps spent on it. The...
1-5 of 5 Results