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General Information

Blue Metallic Paint
Ford Pinto Drivetrain Conversion
This creation is currently being made as my first car, the running gear is from a 1977 Pinto that was near new and was owned by elderly people until it was in a single vehicle accident (rollover) done by their son. Perfect condition running gear is currently being salvaged for a 1977 Chevrolet Monza Towne Coupe and is the first car to have my name in it's pink slip and the first car I can say I genuinely own. The junk original running gear is currently undergoing extraction in preparation for what I aptly call, the "Ford Pinto Drivetrain Conversion Package"! This project is currently in progress if I have not stated so before.
1977 Ford/Chevrolet Monza (Blue Metallic Paint)


Original non-rebuilt 1977 Ford Pinto 2300cc with C3 automatic will be installed to replace the dead GM 2300cc (blown the head gasket back in mid-90's from previous owner) with Turbo 200, really prefer a manual alternative but there is far too much work to be done as it is!
The interior will also be kept stock unless otherwise specified. There is no carpet in the car currently and only restoration work to the interior will be done.
No exterior modifications will exist or will be planned until further notice! The exterior will not be modified and only the vinyl top will be deleted. Besides, it's amazing that this car still exists in such unmodified shape!
Original AC Delco AM/FM radio and sound currently. If changed, the original radio will be removed and a delete plate will be installed in its place as the new radio will be located under the dash.
Suspension will remain stock until further notice! Besides, it isn't going to be a race car. It will be average as can be.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 4 on 4 GM steel wheels, will be unchanged until further notice. Currently considering a Ford 4 bolt converter set later down the road so Ford 4 lug wheels can be used.



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