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Custom 500
Wimbledon White
This car was bought my my uncle's friend's aunt in late 1971 off the show room floor in Phoenix, Arizona. Soon after that the aunt got spacers put under the front bench seat to see over the dash better. After a while it got in a minor crash that bent the passenger side fender out into a triangle shape and broke off part of the passenger side grill piece. After that it was sold to my uncle's friend's father. He drove it for a while the sold it to my uncle's friend. One late night my uncle was borrowing the car and fell asleep at the wheel and the car drifted off the road and took out a large road sign that was supported by two large 4x4 wood poles, the sign ironically enough was about building those large barriers on the side of the road to keep people from doing exactly what my uncle did, any way one pole put a perfect semicircle in the bumper on the driver side and broke out most of that grill piece the other pole swiped the passenger fender which at that was still shaped like a triangle. Not after that, it was turned into what i like to call modern art, or a large rusty swirl of carnage. a while after that my uncle's friend sold the car to him and it was really just used as the loaner to his brother and sister when they needed a car. Now i mentioned the spacers under the seat because they are critical for the next tidbit of history about this car. One day my aunt and uncle (Not the one that owns the car) were taking the car up to big bear mountain in Cali and for a long time before that every time you cornered in that car the front seat would sway to one side or the other. Well if you've never driven up the road to big bear it is very switchbacky if you know what I mean. Well as my aunt and uncle were driving up to the top the front two bolts came out ant the whole front seat was in the back seat. After my uncle held onto the dash to keep the seat forward when they got home the uncle that was in the car took out all the bolts and re drilled the holes to fit some giant 3/4th bolts to hold the front bench in. Later the driver side door got backed into on the driver side door denting that in quite well. Then later the car got hit on the rear quarter panel which messed up the rear bumper quite well. Eventually my uncle stored the car in his back yard for 5 years because the oil pump seized. in which i bought it for all of $350. After replacing the oil pump and rebuilding the carb it sat for one more year until I was able to get back out the next summer to replace the front passenger fender and the hood as well as the front bumper and all three grill pieces because the out side ones were pretty broken and the middle one was just not there at all. one that was done we drove it from cali back to Arizona where I have continuously worked on it and finished the rearend with some bondo work and a new bumper and valance.
1972 Ford Custom 500 (Wimbledon White)


completely stock 351W factory engine
front and rear seats have been replaced with nice LTD seats.
72 LTD rear bumper and remover the horizontal trim pieces that ran the length of the car.
Original Ford 8-Track. Still need to find a face plate for it.
KYB Gas-a-just shocks all around and new A-arms bushings bolts and all up front.
Wheel and Tire
Ford police rims and proper dog dish hubcaps coming soon.


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