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  1. Windsor Tech
    So I’m assembling my 69 351w straight out of the machine shop and my harmonic balancer slides on by hand. I assumed the one I got was Chinese crap with poor tolerances so I dug out the original and it now slides on by hand even though we used a tool to get it off. All the machine shop did was...
  2. Wanted
    Hey all, I have been searching for over two years for a replacement lower hinge for my 69 Galaxie convertible, with no real success from many of the different restoration companies. I'm looking for the hinge that specifically has 3 mounting points to the door in a vertical fashion (top, middle...
  3. 429-460 Tech
    I have a 69 model 429 for sale Engines complete engine. been hot tanked and cleaned. C9VE-A Closed chamber heads. Good motor to rebuild $1200 open to offers. If you’re interested text me 785-521-0745 for more pics and questions
1-3 of 3 Results