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  1. Ford Contour, Mondeo, Telstar, Mercury Mystique
    Hello, Has anyone got the error code P06A7 on Ford Mondeo, build year 2010, engine 2.0 TDCI. The issue is, when I accelerate slowly I don't get any codes or errors or anything, and after the first and second gear I can do whatever I want, accelerate harshly, drive normal, and nothing bad will...
  2. V6 and Hot4 Tech
    Hey everyone, I just had a random question if someone would happen to know the answer. I have a 17 Edge that is out of the warranty period by 1.5k miles, I ended running a compression test, Which I discovered a BHG due to coolant spurting thru CYL 2. With this information matches up with TSB...
1-2 of 2 Results