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  1. Ford Ute Forum
    Hi guys! first time posting.. I’m just about to pick up a rhd 1978 f100 4wd. it’s a LWB with a’s going to be my daily driver and I have done some research already on engine upgrades but I’m not sure which way to go and would appreciate some advice. I was think either going.. Getting...
  2. Windsor Tech
    So I have a 1986 ford Ltd crown victoria that has some stuff done to it, but what’s important is that it has a 5.0 302, and I have converted it to a carbureted setup. I have a speed master single plane intake, a Holley double pumper with a proform 750 main body, I put in a msd pro billet...
  3. Fairlane | Torino
    Hi all, new here. Its in amazing condition and i got a great deal and it has 133k original miles. Basically looking for a little help and maybe some pointers. Anything i should look out for or be wary of? I want to make it a little louder thinking a cherrybomb would like to dual it if i have...
1-3 of 3 Results