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  1. 351 Windsor motor will not start. AGAIN

    Fairlane | Torino
    I’m ready give up on this thing. So my 351w in my 1973 Mercury Montego was just running fine 2 weeks ago, and it’s been on and off since I’ve bought it, which has been almost 1 year. Sometimes it would run, and then I’d take it to a shop, and they’d fix it or I’d just fix something myself. But...
  2. 1973 351w intake manifold vacuum question

    Windsor Tech
    So I have a question in regards to my 351w intake manifold vacuum set up on my 1973 Mercury Montego. So I recently bought a new after market high rise intake, and I was looking over my stock 2 barrel one and noticed that the vacuum tree thing on the back of it that goes to the brake booster and...