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  1. Classic Fords
    I have a question on my 1970 F100, its a 390c.i.d 4 speee manual, everytime i shift into 1st and accelerate it dies on me, but for some reason when i shift into 1st or second but accelerating high it burns out and runs okay. Im 15 and me and my dad have been trying to fix this truck, my dad says...
  2. Ranchero
    I’ve just gotten a 67 Ranchero that had a straight 6 from the factory. I have a 390 FE, and C6 to put in it. I want to find out what changes In suspension, rear end etc. i need to make for it to handle the 390. Which was one of the original optional engines. I’d appreciate any help you could...
1-2 of 2 Results