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  1. Ford Edge Forum
    After new car 4-months old goes into shop. Got the card back while the dealership waits for parts. Many indicator lights are on an the photos of my app are here. Is car safe to drive? 👩‍🏭
  2. Ford Escape, C-MAX, Mercury Mariner Forum
    Good Evening, The "check brake system" light flashes and beeps on occasion before I turn the key to turn the engine and start the car. Any ideas what could be wrong? It doesn't stay on so it's confusing. I took it in to the shop, nothing came up when they scanned it, and I just had my brakes...
  3. Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer,Lincoln Aviator
    G'day all, A few days ago, after normal driving, my ABS light came on. I plugged in an OBD II reader and it came back with the following codes: C1235 - Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal Missing, and C1236 - Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal Missing. This morning when I drove...
  4. Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Taurus SHO
    When holding down my brakes at a stop sign or light the ABS warning goes crazy.. Enough to scare the daylights out of you. LOL When in park it does the same/without holding the brakes down. Very concerning since obviously... I dont know if I am going to lose my brakes suddenly. The brake petal...
1-4 of 4 Results