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  1. Ford Excursion Forum
    I have an 02 Excursion LTX that was broken into in attempt to steal. The thief’s set off the anti theft a system and couldn’t get the car to start. They jacked up the ignition and driver side door lock. The battery died so I replaced and I can get the key into ignition and turn to turn over but...
  2. Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    About an month ago the anti-thief was tripped on our expedition. We were just driving on our mountain road going up hill. It then died and haven't been started since. We have since been trying to figure out the issue with it. We have tried all the tricks online with key in door, in ignition etc...
  3. Ford Escape, C-MAX, Mercury Mariner Forum
    Hi all. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post but want to explain everything properly as best I can. I have a 2010 Mercury Mariner Premier V6 that I cannot get to start or at this point even show it has power to anything other than my airbag. Two days ago my wide and I had to replace...
1-3 of 3 Results