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  1. Ford Fiesta Forum - Ford kA Forum
    Hello I need a part Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission V25-0119 and I can't find it anywhere, everywhere I looked it was not in stock. do you know where i can find it? Please advise, thank you very much
  2. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    Hello, is the automatic transmission on a 70s ford f100/150/250/350 any good?
  3. Australian Falcons
    Hi all, I recently just picked up a ba falcon and when i went to put it into tiptronic the dash says performance and then when I down shift and up shift it just switches between adaptive and performance without actually going through any gears. Though when I drive the car normally in either mode...
  4. Ford Ranger Forum
    Hi there everyone, I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L 6 Cylinder Automatic It currently does not crank, or start. I have replaced the Battery Battery Terminal Connectors Fuses (they were all good, but I replaced all of them anyways) Starter & Starter Solenoid When I put my key into the...
1-4 of 4 Results