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  1. Galaxie
    Hi Folks, Gal drives fine. But got two electrical Issues. Starting is good, drive a while. Keep Parking. Want start again. Nope. Starter Engine won´t turn over, Kept Battery - a Optima Red - out to charger and found it nearly discharged. How can this happen? Even cause of Short Drivings? The GEN...
  2. Ford Freestyle, Ford Flex, Taurus X
    Hello. So someone attempted to open our power liftgate on our 2018 Flex, which caused the LG to screw up again. I went to disconnect the battery for 20+ seconds in the hopes of resetting the LG. It didn't work. I tried multiple times, in a combination of pulling the fuse for the LG. Now the...
  3. Ford Focus Forum
    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can’t help me at all? I have a 63 plate focus. Last Friday it broke down. After being jump started, it started back up fine. Broke down again yesterday morning which ended up with AA coming out and jumping it again. He couldn’t find any faults either on the car or...
1-3 of 3 Results