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  1. V6 and Hot4 Tech
    See the above pics. Both bearings came from one engine (ford 2.3L duratec clone). Does anyone have a size chart or something for these bearings? I know they are different sizes, even though they are the same p/n. Everyone I asked has no clue what the 1 03 W and 2 03 R designation means. I know I...
  2. Ford Edge Forum
    My wifes car is a 2016 Edge with about 81,000 miles and lately if the t-gate does not close completly the next morning it has a dead battery. Luckily the 6yr.old battery just needs a jump and were off and running! But why would this t-gate "sporadically" not want to close. I also don't drive...
1-2 of 2 Results