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  1. Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis
    I have a 1996 Ford Crown Vic 4.6l 2V Romeo with 290,500 miles. Only thing major changed on the engine has been the intake manifold last year, basically just normal maintains. It didn’t need its shocks changed till 200,000 miles. I have not heard any value tapping sounds, or any abnormal sounds...
  2. Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer,Lincoln Aviator
    G'day all, A few days ago, after normal driving, my ABS light came on. I plugged in an OBD II reader and it came back with the following codes: C1235 - Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal Missing, and C1236 - Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal Missing. This morning when I drove...
1-2 of 2 Results