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  1. Ford E-Series Vans
    I recently have been doing a lot of work on my 1989 Club Wagon. I'm trying to make it reliable in a way I can drive it cross country! I need some advice though... I started my van the other day and it ran for about 3-4 minutes pretty normal before the engine just slowed down and stopped! I've...
  2. Ford E-Series Vans
    I have a 1983 Econoline 150. The passenger seat recliner seems to not lock in very easily causing anyone sitting in it to fall backward while riding. While it's funny the first few times it starts to get very annoying as time goes on. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this. It reclines...
  3. Ford E-Series Vans
    I’ve just purchased a replacement spindle for my 97 e-150 2 wheel abs, as the shaft got tore up and it’s been blowing wheel bearing like crazy. The spindle I got was very similar the one on the van except it has no holes for the brake caliper to mount to. Does anybody know what this spindle...
1-3 of 3 Results