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  1. Ford E-Series Vans
    I Have A 1983 Ford Econoline 150 With A 302 V8 And A AOD Transmission. The Vehicle Was My Great Grandfathers And I Inherited It. The Transmission Never Had Any Issues Other Than The Shift Points Being Kind Of Off At Overdrive. I Adjusted The Throttle Valve And The Shift Points Felt Great Except...
  2. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    Hey guys new to the Ford family here! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I had. So I recently just bought a 2014 F150 XLT eco boost from a guy that got it from a like a fleet company. It’s clean it sounds good it looks good. There is one issue though, it can’t go over...
  3. 429-460 Tech
    Hi, I have a 1990 Econoline 350 7.5 460 With a stripped fuel pressure regulator bolt that seems to be a 5/32 Alan any suggestions on removal. Minimal space on all 3 fasteners
  4. Ford E-Series Vans
    I have a 2002 E350 that's been having headlight issues. After I drive for a bit, when I turn the van and the headlight switch off, the headlights come back on at a dim setting about 20 minutes later. Van is totally off, headlight switch is off, but the lights come back on on their own. I...
  5. Ford E-Series Vans
    I’ve just purchased a replacement spindle for my 97 e-150 2 wheel abs, as the shaft got tore up and it’s been blowing wheel bearing like crazy. The spindle I got was very similar the one on the van except it has no holes for the brake caliper to mount to. Does anybody know what this spindle...
1-5 of 5 Results