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  1. Sync
    Hello, My wife has a 2015 edge with the basic 4" screen and Sync. One day after pumping gas, she started the car back up and the display on her dash didn't work, neither did the radio. They were just black. I believe the only thing that worked was the tach. After about 5 miles down the road, it...
  2. V6 and Hot4 Tech
    Hey everyone, I just had a random question if someone would happen to know the answer. I have a 17 Edge that is out of the warranty period by 1.5k miles, I ended running a compression test, Which I discovered a BHG due to coolant spurting thru CYL 2. With this information matches up with TSB...
  3. Ford Edge Forum
    Hello, I installed the backup camera and when I put the vehicle in reverse the guidelines won't appear unless I go into the vehicle's settings turn them off and on again, but when I restart the vehicle the line disappears again. I've done some research and used Forscan to try to reprogram the...
1-3 of 3 Results