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  1. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    I’m glad I came across this site. I enjoy large vehicles and just enjoying life.
  2. Ford Excursion Forum
    Has anyone found an aftermarket replacement part for the 2000 excursion back up sensor? Seems to be a one off part #YL1Z15K859AA . I need to replace two of mine. Can a 2001 or later be made to work with a small modification or is completely different? Any help appreciated
  3. Ford Excursion Forum
    Looking for a seat belt buckle, part number YC3Z-7860045-AAD, mostly find it is discontinued so no stock. Anyone have an idea on where to get one? I have checked the local junk yards and pull a parts. No luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2003 Excursion Eddie Bauer Edition.
1-3 of 3 Results