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  1. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    I recently changed my front brakes on my 2017 F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost. Before I changed them all I had was slight squealing from the wear indicators. I replaced rotors, pads, and calipers as they appeared to be leaking. Pad orientation is correct, rotors are fine, calipers are fine now. My...
  2. Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    Hello, my 2016 3.5 Ecoboost with 107k miles is making a weird groan/humming when accelerating. Loudest at 25-35mph seems to go away around 60mph what would cause this? Already replaced the check valve by the brake booster to no luck. Could the bov on the inter cooler cause this noise? Thanks in...
1-2 of 2 Results