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  1. 2000 Ford F150 4.6l V8 2x Wheel Drive, Tick noise during idle.

    Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    I have a Ford F150 from 2000, with a 4.6l engine and two wheel drive. It has an engine with only 80,000 mi on it. When starting up after being off for an hour, a ticking can be heard from the car. It starts off quiet, slowly growing louder. After a minute, the tick completely vanishes. After a...
  2. 1993 svt lightning problems

    Ford SVT Vehicles - SVO Vehicles
    Hey guys, new member here. So I bought a 93 svt Lightning for cheap. Got it home and staring tearing into it and well, one thing led to another. When first purchased it ran rough... had to turn up idle to keep it running. Trans didn’t slip but only shifted from 1-2 and really hard shift into 2...
  3. Needing some help with a grinding noise

    Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    So I’ve got a 2012 f150 3.5l ecoboost 4x4 lariat, I’ve had issues with brakes I was told, and after the Titus will dealership here in Washington had my truck for two weeks I was told the problem was fixed. The problem seems to have gotten worse. New brake pads all around, new rotors and calipers...
  4. Ford F-150 electrical problem

    Ford F-Series, Ford Super Duty, Ford Diesel
    I have a 2004 Ford F-150 stx with the 4.6 the other day when I started it the brake and abs light started flashing and when I come to a stop the abs feels like it is engaging, like when your slipping on ice the brake pedal jerks a little. I took it to my mechanic and he said it was the...