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  1. 2003 BA G220 FAIRLANE uneven front end

    Australian Ford's Discussion
    Hi everyone just a quick question, I have a BA Fairlane G220 I had the front and rear lowered the shop measured it before and after while I watched, the left-hand side was about 2 cm higher than the driver's side from factory, they put Pedders springs in and it is still 2 centimetres higher on...
  2. HELP What lug nuts do i need for American Racing Torq thrust 2? 1970 Fairlane

    Fairlane | Torino
    I ordered some 15x8 Turq Thrust 2's and BB wheels sent the wrong lugs and they are saying they dont have the right ones. Went to every auto parts place (4 of them) and the guys at the tire shop were saying i need a 1/2 20 shank nut with a washer? Im lost please any links to what i need would...
  3. Just bought a 1970 Fairlane 500 4dr with a 302 any tips?(1st car)

    Fairlane | Torino
    Hi all, new here. Its in amazing condition and i got a great deal and it has 133k original miles. Basically looking for a little help and maybe some pointers. Anything i should look out for or be wary of? I want to make it a little louder thinking a cherrybomb would like to dual it if i have...
  4. Au fairlane ghia interior change.

    Australian Ford's Discussion
    Hi there all, My names Tiffani, I'm new to the group and new to having this fairlane in my life and just wanted to know a few things as im thinking of having it in my life longer then I actually originally planned, as I have fallin in love with the car. I was just for the moment thinking of...