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  1. E-Series Falcons
    Hey there, my stepdads 97 5.0 EF Fairmont has had a loud fuel pump for the past few years, and I have recently acquired it as a project car. I think the whining is the fuel pump itself, he thinks it’s the relay. We don’t want to spend money on a new one just for that not to be the problem. Is...
  2. E-Series Falcons
    My EB Fairmont has had this issue for almost a year now, where the climate control module seems to be stuck in a self check mode or something? The display is backlit when I turn the key, but nothing else happens. No fans, no air con, nothing. I have no control over the module, none of the...
  3. Australian Falcons
    Anyone know if XC GXL headlights are the same as Ford Granda Mk1 lights? Refer below link: Additionally, seeking any reproduction or NOS if available. Cheers Pete
1-3 of 3 Results