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  1. Australian Falcons
    Hi guys Has anyone wired these up using the analogue clock wiring loom, using the power and lighting wires. Cannot find any information about this and don't know if it can be done. Thought I would put it out there. Thanks.
  2. Australian Falcons
    Hey all I’ve got a zk fairlane I’m parting out but have an xg Panelvan as my daily. Is there any chance I can swap the dash aswell as cluster? would I have to change the dash loom or just re-pin? More than likely would pay a professional to complete but just want to see if it’s possible or...
  3. E-Series Falcons
    Hey there, my stepdads 97 5.0 EF Fairmont has had a loud fuel pump for the past few years, and I have recently acquired it as a project car. I think the whining is the fuel pump itself, he thinks it’s the relay. We don’t want to spend money on a new one just for that not to be the problem. Is...
  4. Australian Falcons
    Does anyone know if an aftermarket push down shift knob for an automatic will work with a 2001 ford falcon Au 2 series? I've seen some videos on them and I'm tempted to get one but don't want to waste my money on one to have it not work.
  5. Classic Fords
    **NEWBIE HERE Thinking of buying a '65 Ranchero with a 170.. no oil cooler.. will it be ok for a long drive? (3 hrs back home)
  6. EB S Manual

    91 ebs falcon, manual swapped and currently running ef xr6 motor but wanting to barra swap
1-6 of 6 Results