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    2018 Focus Titanium I have my heart set on some König wheels for my summer tire set. The only problem is that they don’t offer 17” x 7.5” wheels. They offer 17” x 8”. It’s only a half inch difference in width, but there seem to be some tight space tolerances under the well. Is this an...
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    My focus (2012) will only go a max speed of 40 mph when driving uphill. Nothing too steep just driving to LA on 101. My first thought is fuel filter. Anything else that comes to mind before I take my car into the dealer? I recently got an oil change (the works) and everything else seemed fine...
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    Hello Everyone! I'm owning a Ford Focus 1.6 2011. My recent issue is,when you slow down and its not in gear the car switches off. Took it to few mechanic they cannot find the problem. All the time serviced and its in mint condition except this issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    So I had a mechanic look at my car it was down in power, did an exhaust regen and replaced O2 sensor and gave it back to me and car developed smell, took it back to him found oil leak and loose injector repaired those, smell still persisted, gave it back to him found no leaks, took it to...
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    Hi, can somebody assist me by telling me the name of this part? It’s located on the undercarriage. I circled it for better viewing.
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    I have a 2006 xr5 turbo it has the 2.5 litre volvo engine and im stuck at putting the timing belt on the engine. I'm not sure how to put the tensioner on correctly When i put the tensioner on with the slack of the belt around it, it doesn't tighten the whole way, its stays a few centimetres...
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    Hi all, I recently got a 2013 Focus Titanium Hatchback and I’m looking to add a few mods here and there. I got a new set of wheels and tires to replace the stock set, and I know I want to throw some mud flaps and an intake/exhaust on it. Any suggestions?
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    I'm hoping someone can give me some pointers. A few weeks ago I noticed a puddle underneath my car, popped the hood and the coolant reservoir was empty. I refilled it, took a look at the hoses and took it for a long drive. After I got home, I popped the hood and it was empty again. I took the...
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    Hello I installed new winter wheels with new TPMS sensors. TMPS light is on but cannot learn new sensor regardless the method applied - OBD2 relearn (ATEQ VT56 tool gives connection / transfer failure) - after the manual training with the key on / key off method, when the message is Train...
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    Hey I have a Focus Mk2 2.0TDCi(219000km) and my usual fuel consumption on the highway is around 6.0l-6.5l/100km. Thats around 13km on the highway then 3-5km city. Which is my usual route. But recently my fuel consumption went to around 7.3l-7.7l/100km. On the exact same route. I drive around 2k...
1-10 of 10 Results