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  1. Ford Edge Forum
    Has anyone had an issue where lane assist stops working? I’m going over 40mph and the settings for lane assist are on. Any ideas?
  2. Ford Edge Forum
    I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL, AWD, about 160k on it. I've started noticing that sometimes and I mean sometimes the brakes will go directly to the floor and go extremely soft. ABS still works if you push hard enough and if you let off the brakes and pump it a bit they will come right back no...
  3. Engine Specific Tech
    Hey guys, I'm new here. I wanted to know what could be causing this issue with my ford edge. It's a 2009 Ford Edge with over 100k miles. Recently it's happened twice in a span of 3 months. My car runs fine everything works great but when I stop at a red light and begin to drive again the car...
1-3 of 3 Results