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  1. Ford Edge Forum
    I have a 2011 ford edge limited and i got into my car and noticed my feet were getting cold and i look under and there was no panel above where the brake and accelerator is. I never noticed if it was there when i got thay car but is there suppose to be 1?
  2. Ford Edge Forum
    I have an 02 ford edge that at some point a mouse/rat chewed through a few parts and vacuum tubes. I've identified most but there is one electrical component i cant locate the other half. I need help identifying what this part is or at least where it leads. See picture.
  3. Ford Edge Forum
    I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited 3.5L with 82,000 Miles. My oil pressure light has been going on and off while driving. After getting it checked out, they told me the oil pressure sensor was broken. After replacing it, they tell me that it isn't the oil pressure sensor that was broken, but the...
  4. Ford Edge Forum
    After new car 4-months old goes into shop. Got the card back while the dealership waits for parts. Many indicator lights are on an the photos of my app are here. Is car safe to drive? 👩‍🏭
  5. Ford Edge Forum
    My 2014 Edge has experienced a yellow "caution" light twice. For no apparent reason the gas pedal is not engaged. I coast over to stop. The engine still running. I turn off the ignition, sit for 5 minutes then restart the car. The caution light has disappeared and the car runs perfectly...
  6. Ford Edge Forum
    Hello, I installed the backup camera and when I put the vehicle in reverse the guidelines won't appear unless I go into the vehicle's settings turn them off and on again, but when I restart the vehicle the line disappears again. I've done some research and used Forscan to try to reprogram the...
1-6 of 6 Results