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  1. 2008 Ford EXP LE Humming/Vaccum Noise

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    Today I went and gave my sister in law a jump on her Toyota Sequoia. Her truck wasn't starting so I gave my EXP a little gas which did the trick. After the jump, I started hearing a hum/ vacuum type sounding coming from what I can only guess as the engine area. I also noticed a oil/acid smell...
  2. To buy or not to buy, thoughts?

    Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    I am planning a vehicle purchase in a couple months. I used to own a 2006 Expedition and loved it, got rid of it back when gas prices soared in 2010. I am in the market for another full size SUV and Expedition is number 1 on my list however I keep hearing a lot of people say they won’t purchase...
  3. Ford Expedition 2nd & 3rd Row Water leak !

    Ford Expedition Forum - Lincoln Navigator Forum
    Hello, I bought a 2011 Ford Expedition Limited in July 2019. The truck's really kept well and love driving it but i noticed wet carpet recently. I checked the truck by laying under it, also removed rear carpet and seats to check the floorboard but did not find any obvious problems that would...